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Dear Friends,

Last week a parent sent Dr. Lyons a question regarding the $25,000 parent engagement survey that is entitled "Your Voice." The parent noted that there was no information on special education listed in his monthly report (which hasn't been produced monthly), and asked Dr. Lyons if there were any special education concerns not reported.

Dr. Lyons responded: "There were no special education complaints. If there were, they would have been referred to the Pupil Services Director and not reported in a YourVoice update." The parent didn't receive an answer to the follow up question which was: "Why?" Why wouldn't special education issues be included? This type of separation plays into the dichotomy that many have discussed at meetings and in emails which is the perception that special education is a separate yet not equal part of the District.

If Dr. Lyons reported complaints about the website glitches in "Your Voice" rather than referring them to Ellen Schuck as Technology Director, why wouldn't he report special education issues? Using the logic Dr. Lyons afforded to special education, sidewalk clearing complaints he received should be reported to Public Works and/or Maintenance; and comments received on the budget directed to the Finance Director. There would be nothing to report at all in the District if he just redirected the concerns.

Given the large drop in scores in special education that means Hudson is not narrowing the gap, but instead creating a larger gap in appropriately educating special education students, we believe Our Voice should be part of Your Voice. If you agree, please click on the link below and send Dr. Lyons an anonymous email regarding his survey. Please use this opportunity to tell him Our Voice Matters. If you have any concerns or comments about special education, you have an opportunity to express them anonymously and be an agent of change. Shouldn't special education be part of Dr. Lyons' monthly reports since he is the Superintendent of ALL students? Isn't that what inclusion is all about?

The Hudson School District paid over $25,000 for this survey, let's ensure it is wisely used and that Our Voice Matters. Please submit your feedback here and let our voice be heard: http://www.k12insight.com/survey.aspx?k=SsQPRYQsRWsPsPsP

Budget Shortfall                We need a major culture change in Hudson
Dear Friends,
It is important that we understand where the Hudson Public School system is spending its money. Over the past 3 years, Hudson Public Schools has spent approximately for FY11          $ 43,930.39, FY12 $ $107,626.10 and FY13 $54,131.67 and FY14 we are already up to $21,691.47

If we are paying a Director of Pupil Services and an Assistant Director of Pupil Services a total of $216,418 per year for their expertise in special education, why are we asking for clarification of special education from a law firm? It would be wonderful if this money were spent procuring programs for our children, but it has largely been spent litigating when parents have had a disagreement or dispute about their child's special education program or placement. While Hudson has a right to disagree or dispute, please note the amount of the expenditure on legal fees, $189,148.46 while the achievement gap between special education and regular education has been getting larger and larger. Is this the most effective use of funding, litigating, while our children are failing to make appropriate progress?

Why do we have to have the SPED Director and the Assistant SPED Director attend team meetings? I have brought this up at school committee meeting before and yet it is still happening. Clearly showing that we do not need an assistant SPED Director. Lots of hiring administration and all that they have done is NOTHING. Look at the state of our schools. 
We cannot attract any students from any other community in our current state.  
Parents you hold the power; TIME FOR CHANGE!
Click here:Budget Shortfall   More information to come. 

Parent begs for HELP due to her daughter being bullied and gets no help from the principal, superintendent and school committee. These are the type of issues that some parents are  dealing with. Remember that the PAC is here to HELP you!

Logan Laplante is a 13 year-old boy who was taken out of the education system to be home schooled instead. Logan had the ability to tailor his education to his interests and also his style of learning, something traditional education does not offer.
As Logan has said, when he grows up he wants to be happy and healthy. At a TEDx talk, he discussed how hacking his education is helping him achieve that goal.


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