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The Office of Civil Rights Data is very useful when it is reported.

FYI here's a link to the Hudson data: http://ocrdata.ed.gov/Page?t=d&eid=30951&syk=6&pid=736

Looks like they didn't report Restraint data but they do show 6 referrals to law enforcement and a number of out of school suspensions, half of which were African American students. Only 1.1% of all students are black. Dig around on the site and you'll find some good info which should definitely be shared.

On restraints, there's a bill in congress, The Keeping All Students Safe Act. Please ask people to contact their house members and senators to support it. See: http://keepstudentssafe.com/

Parent begs for HELP due to her daughter being bullied and gets no help from the principal, superintendent and school committee. These are the type of issues that some parents are  dealing with. Remember that the PAC is here to HELP you!


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