Dear Hudson parents (CPR)

It is very important that your give your input on our schools as the department of Education hand picks parents to give the input. This is not right especially when there are so many issues. You need to be heard.  We now have  Forest Ave 1st year (2014) as a LEVEL 2 =  Not meeting gap closing goals, Mulready is a Level 2, Quinn School is a Level 2 and  Farley 2nd year (2013-2014) as a LEVEL 3= Lowest performing 20% of schools (including lowest performing subgroups).

We wanted to make you aware that Hudson Public School District will be having their COORDINATED PROGRAM REVIEW done in December and if you did not get any notification from the Department of Education requesting your input you may want to reach out to them soon.  Below is the person responsible for the CPR review:
Suzanne Shaw Program Quality Assurance 781-338-3727
This is the best time to give your input not only do you get to answer yes or no but you can also supply further information pertaining to your answers.
If you run into any issues please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.
Below is the link for the last CPR done in 2009

Forest Ave is a Level 2 and Farley is a Level 3

Forest Ave 1st year (2014)

Farley 2nd year (2013-2014)

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